Water Rescue, Green New Deal, and Slackline

TUE | March 5
5 PM “Temas Immigration” Spanish language program focusing on immigration issues.
10 PM “After Dark”

WED | March 6
8:00 AM “Swimming Upstream” Dr. Joe Blumenthal is at it again! Raising money with an art show featuring Sambla.
9:00 AM “Off Leash” Update on recent water rescue for animals in West Marin with Matt Murphy.
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday” Renaissance dance music in 20th Century settings.

THU | March 7
11 AM “Let’s Talk” Let’s Talk The Green New Deal!
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Some new, and some old, some classic and some beyond.
8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches” The honky tonk you crave.

FRI | March 8
4 PM “The French Touch” Because today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY Emmanuel will share today only French pop songs by women.

SAT | March 9
7 AM “Morning Glory” Classical music with Anneke van der Veen.
11 AM “Off Center Sports” Dan Wash – President – Slackline USA.

SUN | March 10
8 PM “Rock of Ages” Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Pete Kronowitt.

MON | March 11
10 PM “Megalomedia Melange” Djimi G mixes it up every Monday night on KWMR.

TUE | March 12
10 PM “After Dark” If you love the music of the 70’s then Dr. Decibel has your healing prescription from the KWMR musical medicine cabinet!