Lions, Honky Tonk, Back to School

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:
WED  |  Aug 8
8 AM  “Swimming Upstream”  Swimmin’ with Amanda and Friends. Learn how to live with lions!            
11 AM   
“Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad”  Nutrición de 0 a 100 / Nutrition 0-100      
2 PM   
“Classical Wednesday”  An American Road Trip: including a stop at the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

THU  |  Aug 9
10 AM    “Turning Pages: Radio Bookmobile”  This month’s Radio Bookmobile airs live!
2 PM    “Classical Thursday”  Special French Connection with Emmanuel: The Paris’ Notre Dame Choir: J.S. Bach Mass in b
6:30 PM    “Bakersfield and Beyond”  Study up on your honky tonk before the big Block Party on Sunday!

FRI  |  Aug 10
10 AM    “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight”  Edith Wharton’s “A Son at the Front”, a WWI story of family, loyalty, patriotism
11 AM    “Reveal”  Trapped: Abuse and Neglect in Private Care
Noon    “Alternative Radio”  Captain Ahab and the U.S. Empire
2 PM    “Classical Friday at the Concert Hall”  Works by Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart!
4 PM    “The French Touch”  The ’75 Top French songs including Le Sud, L’Été Indien, Le France [written for DeGaulle] 5 PM    “Happy Hour”  Delicious music and super luscious drinks – in moderation of course

SAT  |  Aug 11
4 PM  “Circulo Musical”  A show with “Mariposa Traicionera” as the intro song is bound to be good

SUN  |  Aug 12
8 PM   “Rock of Ages”  Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Erin Victoria

MON  |  Aug 13
8 AM    “With Eyes Open”  Local musician Tim Weed will discuss West Marin Choir at 9:30 am

TUE  |  Aug 14
8 AM    “Rise and Shine”  Bolinas and beyond, with Mary and Amber!

WED  |  Aug 15
11 AM    “
Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad”  Comienza el Año Escolar con Salud y Bienestar / Back to School Healthy and Well
2 PM    “Classical Wednesday”  The City:  Symphonic visits to San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas