Hasta la Vista, Soundcraft!

A fitting tribute to our outgoing broadcast console.

How now Soundcraft. You hailed from British soil and found your place in this coastal watershed.

Greetings Soundcraft. You were not new when you came to this village, but have served us well these many years.

Ho Soundcraft, small but mighty. Connecting us to our listeners. Crunchy faders and all, you allowed us to mix and send audio to the world.

Ah Soundcraft, your dim lights, quiet, and loud loud music entertained us, got us dancing, lulled us to sleep, and taught us about new and different song makers.

Yo Soundcraft. You can throw down the funk and blues as well as all those zany harpsichord tracks. You da machine. Thanks for the baseball games, too.

Dear Soundcraft, when you were ill, we cared for you. There was much “laying on of hands.” Your retirement is celebrated.

My, my, Soundcraft. The stories, issues, news, emergency broadcasts, balanced reporting, and many ideas that were conducted through you graced the airwaves.

Thank you, gracias, merci, dank je. A tiny fist bump on your worn fader button. We celebrate all that you did for KWMR, the mighty 90.5.

Go forth Soundcraft, to your next gig. May it be fruitful. There is still life in them there modules.

And as they say, “Stay out of trouble, and if you can’t, don’t get caught.” And “It’s all the sauce, and it’s always about love.”

“Go Redbirds.”

And Hello Pearl!

The little Soundcraft that did. Just removed from Studio A, awaiting next assignment. photo: Amanda Eichstaedt

A delicious replica that was consumed at a celebration of the changes at KWMR. Yummmmy!  photo: Mia Johnson

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

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Top photo: Welcome to our new sound baord, Pearl!  Credit: Richard Dillman