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The crucial stories impacting our local farms and foodshed — from GMOs to local cheesemakers.

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Home Dairy Farm Bill California AB2505 (2014-03-10) posted Mon Mar 17 11:10:08 2014

Guests Doniga Markegard of Markegard Family Grassfed and Dede Moreda a local dairy family that will be doing a home dairy if AB2505 passes. This bill grew out of three years of negotiation between dairy owners and state regulators and would sanction direct-to-consumer raw milk sales by all dairies with a maximum of three milk-producing cows or fifteen goats. Doniga has been working on this from the beginning as part of the Small Herd Working Gorup which was formed when the CDFA, filed cease-and-desist orders against a number of tiny dairies that were selling raw milk privately, via herdshare arrangements. Dede Moreda is one of the local diary families that will benefit from its passage.


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Grassfed is Sustainable - Drought or no drought (2014-03-03) posted Mon Mar 3 13:10:06 2014

With the recent announcement by Marin Sun Farms that they feel with the drought that they must carry other brands of beef than 100% grassfed, we invited Marilyn Noble of the American Grassfed Association along with 100% Grassfed only folks to discuss how producers dedicated to 100% grassfed deal with droughts. Wendy Millet is the Director of Tomkat Ranch Educational Foundation and Leftcoast Grassfed and she joined us along with Joe Morris of Morris Grassfed. This fascinating discussion delves into the challenges and solutions of dealing with both the logistical and economic issues that come up regarding grassfed as well as why it healthy for the planet and our bodies.


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Rancho Recall, Drought, Marin Sun Farms (2014-02-24) posted Mon Feb 24 13:20:02 2014

A panel discussion covering the latest developments of three areas of change and news stemming out of the Rancho Recall/Closure.

1 - Updating listeners on the current developments in the Rancho recall/closure and the fight to save the custom beef from destruction and the latest developments in the USDA investigation.

2 -The current drought and the impacts and implications for Grassfed producers and the protocols in place to keep them certified as grassfed during a drought.

3 - The sale of Rancho to Marin Sun Farms and the major changes announced by Marin Sun Farms to their feeding protocol and their business model.

Guests were - Gary Cox (Lead Attorney for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund), Doniga Markegarde (Owner of Markegarde Family Grassfed Farm), Nicolette Hahn Niman (BN Ranch partner, environmental attorney and author of The Righteous Porkchop), Christopher Peak (Marin Media Institute Research Fellow at the Point Reyes Light) and comments provided prior to the show by Marilyn Noble of the American Grassfed Association.

*Actual discussion starts at 2:30 into the download -  38:40 is when Doniga Markegarde joins the panel.


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Rancho Recall and Closure(2014-02-17) posted Mon Feb 17 13:10:06 2014

Robin Carpenter interviewed Nicolette Hahn Niman of BN Ranch and Gary Cox of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund about the impacts of the recall and closure of Rancho Feeding Corp in Petaluma to BN Ranch and our community. Gary Cox who is an attorney with FCLDF explained the legal implications of the recall as well as how some of the USDA FSIS procedures work in these situations.


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Farm Bill/Cal Prop 2 for laying hens(2014-02-10) posted Mon Feb 10 13:10:02 2014

Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society of the United States who worked for passage of Prop2 and AB1437 which provides room for laying hens to be able to stand, spread their wings and turn around talks about the impacts of the Farm Bill and the removal of the King Amendment.

Nicolette Hahn Niman who is the author of Righteous Porkchop and a speaker on humane livestock treatment joined the conversation with her insights and history in this arena

Show starts at 3:29 mark


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Evan Wiig Farmers Guild & Rancho Updates (2014-02-03) posted Mon Feb 3 13:10:02 2014

Chris Peak, the Marin Media Institute Research Fellow at the Point Reyes Light, updating the listeners on the latest Drake's Bay Oyster Company court ruling and developments in the Rancho Feed story.

Evan Wiig, one of the founders of the Farmers Guild, discusses their growth, vision and how the young farmers in our region are using social networking and technology to help each other and address of lot of the challenges they face getting into farming. 


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MLK Day Show (2014-01-20) posted Tue Jan 21 18:10:59 2014

A variety of topics including Michael Twitty's Afroculinaria blog, The Farm Bill and the King Amendment's impacts on California's Prop 2 and AB1437, Peter Prows updating us on legal developments in the Drakes Bay Oyster Company case and the Supreme Court. 

*Show starts at the 8:20 mark

* Peter Prows, attorney for Drakes Bay Oyster Company, joins in at the 34:00 mark


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