Five, six and now seven! Yes indeed. The KWMR 7th Annual Daggie (named for Dan Morse and Aggie Murch) Golf Tournament is coming up next month! Do you play golf? Have you entertained the concept of playing golf? This is your chance! KWMR’s golf tournament is about fun and camaraderie and fabulous prizes and a really yummy lunch. Spend a day walking around on green grass, experiencing blue skies and help raise funds for your community radio station.

You can learn all about the Golf Tournament by clicking this LINK.
Or, here’s the shortcut to the Tournament¬†Registration & Sponsorship Form.

Feel free to register as a solo golfer, a pair, a threesome or as a whole team. We will create full teams when we can and sometimes three-player teams take to the green. There is room for everyone!

If you would like lots of golfers to see your name, or your business or organization’s name as a proud supporter out on the course, then sponsor a tee!

I like the golf tournament a lot. I’ll tell you why. People have a ton of fun supporting KWMR and the burden is light on our staff (for the most part). The folks at the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course are great and the idea came from folks who LOVE KMWR. For an Executive Director, this is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who makes this event successful!

And….stay tuned and fasten your seatbelt! More changes coming to the Round Up soon. Are you curious?

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Thank you to the many people who have donated vehicles to KWMR! Find out more HERE. Or call 1-888-KWMR-AUTO (yeah, it’s one extra number, but it will work)