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and Thursday, March 04


NPS Up Against “Ocean Riders” in Muir Beach
The National Park Service is working on a plan that could “rein-in” equestrians in parts of West Marin.  Particularly concerned is a group called the Ocean Riders, which boards horses at a park-owned stable for people from around Marin. KWMR reporter Brenda Kohn talks with the Ocean Riders Maureen Pinto in this exclusive report.  **The comment period on the NPS plan goes through March 5, and can be accessed online via

A Lack of Permitted Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary in West Marin Means You Can’t “Buy Local”
If you want to purchase medicinal marijuana, you’ll have to go “over the hill” to buy your pot at a legally permitted dispensary.  George Clyde talks with Lynnette Shaw, founder of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, and finds out how West Marin residents with a Medical Marijuana Identification Card can be served.  Shaw sees the day when West Marin ranchers are growing the pot.

Trivia Throw-Down in Point Reyes Station
The Point Reyes Dance Palace is holding its fifteenth annual trivia bee on Saturday evening beginning at seven p.m.  KWMR News Director Alex Horvath challenges Dance Palace Assistant Director, Jess Walker, to a trivia “throw-down” in advance of the competition.


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and the weekend!


GMO Alfalfa Could Be Coming to Local Ranches
Could it be possible that GMO-free West Marin will one day have pastures filled with cows grazing on alfalfa that has itself been genetically modified? The answer is yes, if the U.S. Department of Agriculture fails to renew a rule that kept chemical and seed manufacture Monsanto from making it.  KWMR’s Robin Carpenter talks with Bolinas ranch Peter Martinelli about the consequences of such a thing happening.  


Taxation in Muir Beach
The Muir Beach Community Services District has voted to put a continuation of the town’s water parcel tax on the ballot.  Brenda Kohn reports. 


“Oystergate” Update
We get an “Oystergate” update from Nicole Adams, who produced the now infamous “Oystergate” internet video.


Comings and Goings
Inverness resident Dick Matthews, and Marshall resident Linda Jacob, have died.


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and Tuesday, March 09


Mega Corporation Supresses Organic Dairy Market in West Marin
Organic dairy ranchers in West Marin have agreed to cut prices for milk they sell to Clover-Stornetta by as much as sixteen percent in an effort to compete with a major corporation that is bidding for one of Clover’s key clients.  We talk with Point Reyes Station organic dairy rancher John Taylor.

Nicasio Carbon Sequestration Research Attracts International Interest
A  UC Berkeley research project in West Marin to study how grazing lands can absorb greenhouse gasses is attracting international interest.  George Clyde reports on a delegation of agricultural officials and scientists from rural China who visited the Nicasio ranch of Peggy Rathmann and John Wick last week to learn about the Marin Carbon ProjectDr. Whendee Silver, who heads the research, gave preliminary results from the first year of the five year project. Torri Estrada of the Marin Community Foundation – which has provided grants for the research – says that they hope to expand the project to other ranches.