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From the "Rise and Shine"


Rise and Shine (2014-05-13) posted May 13 at 9AM


1.  What is Rise and Shine's favorite sound effect?

a) Ocean waves; (b) Dog barking; (c) Rooster crowing

2.  What musician has fallen out of favor with Rise and Shine?

a) Liberace; b) Bruno Mars; (c) Macklemore

3. What is the #1 movie in the country for children under 12?

a) "12 Years a Slave"; (b) "Frozen"; (c) "Behind the Candelabra

4. What condition does Rise & Shine suffer from?

a) Basketball jones; (b) Football jones; (c) Bowling jones

BONUS: What recipe did R&S give out on the pre-thanksgiving show?

a) Ambrosia salad; (b) Chocolate pecan pie; (c) Oyster stuffing

PRIZE: One 12 oz. can of freeze-dried Taylor Maid "Rise and Shine" coffee beans!