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Mushrooms, Permaculture, Earthday Marin (2014-03-31) posted Mar 31 at 1PM

Winemaker and mushroom master, Jim Olsen, co-hosted with Robin Carpenter today as they discussed our first time ever many months late mushroom season. First time any of us have had the chance to eat fresh asparagus and fresh porcini at the same time. The porcinis are usually a fall delicacy and the asparagus came in several weeks early! Our foragers along the coast are experiencing the beginning of new weather patterns and it calls more deeply on their observational skills and adaptability.We also had some call-ins from speakers scheduled at EarthDay Marin John Wick of the Marin Carbon Project, Julian Birnbaum co-author of Sustainable Revolution, and Hannah Doress the organizer for Earthday Marin.


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